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The Internet information technology is growing rapidly day by day. With that in mind, investors are facing with huge costs for hiring, upgrading, and maintaining a server. However, the application of Parallels Cloud server technology has solved these problems. The Cloud server helps organizations and businesses save a large amount of money for the business development.

Nowadays, most businesses use the VPS or Share hosting on the Internet, which is very disadvantageous network as the problem of the data storage, difficulty in upgrading as well as maintaining. The Cloud Parallels is a technology application developed on the basis of the Cloud computing has dealt with the problem. Cloud servers use multiple physical servers to link together and reduce the risk of server administration and development.



The difference between the Cloud server and VPS

VPS which stands by the Virtual Private Server is a virtual server that operates as a shared resource from a physical server. The virtual server is formed through the method of partitioning a physical server into different virtual servers. Each virtual server can run its own operating system, CPU, memory, storage hard drive and so on with the full range of management features and use of the separate configuration.

By contrast, the Cloud server is considered as a virtual one that is deployed on a Cloud computing platform, running on a variety of physical server connections. This feature of the Cloud server gives you the instant access to an unlimited supply. For traditional storage environments, these resources are usually limited to a physical server. The Cloud server costs are determined by the number of resource nodes selected, including CPU, RAM, storage space, and the monthly bandwidth.

Advantages of the Cloud server

With the disadvantages of VPS as the operation depends on the server itself, the lack of stability, the upgrade and maintenance difficulties, the use of the Cloud server becomes a perfect choice. In fact, it offers many benefits over the Cloud VPS due to the number of servers used in a cluster. If your business depends heavily on your data source, the Cloud server is the best solution for you.

High stability

The huge cloud infrastructure with the large resources ensures that Cloud server resources are stable, ready, and free of congestion.

High speed

The speed of the Cloud server is guaranteed through the broadband connection. Currently, the Cloud server is also provided with dedicated packages of the bandwidth. Users pay the right amount of the bandwidth, do not share with anyone. As a result, the speed of the Cloud server is also significantly increased, even in the case of multiple users at the same time.

Easy upgrade

The large amount of resources is made up of a host of parent servers, so the cloud system is always overflowing with resources, making upgrading not only easy but fast. Therefore, technicians can respond immediately with a few simple steps.

Ability to control and prevent accident

More and more major attacks have forced vendors to improve their vulnerability to security threats. And one of the measures which most employers adopt is to maximize the size of the system with the huge amount of resources that makes it hard for hackers to crash such a solid system. In addition, the Cloud provides additional soft firewall (WAF) services, which further protects the user’s system.

Easy administration

It is also an advantage for the Cloud server to become attractive. In general, the level of server administration of administrators in some countries is low, so simplifying the server administration is necessary.

In fact, with a cloud server account, the user may not need to know much about the virtual server and can easily use it with the help of the server technician. Most of the service providers do a good job of supporting their customers.

What is the virtualization technology the Cloud server use?

Virtualization platforms are becoming more and more popular, becoming increasingly important for techies and the majority of Internet users. There are a lot of virtualization products from major technology companies around the world with different technical features and features. What is the virtualization technology of VMware for Cloud Server services?

The strengths of the VMware virtualization technology

As a comprehensive virtualization application with perfect features, VMware vSphere is the fifth generation of VMware’s leading virtualization technology and is the most widely used software today. VMware’s perfect virtualization technology is used most commonly in the world by the virtual server vendors as well as technical support teams.



It shows the ability to backup as well as secure the data of applications. With traditional VPSs, a high availability IT infrastructure will require a lot of initial investment, time, cost and complexity in the technology. With the VMware’s virtualization application, the High Availability and fault tolerance features are defaulted on the Cloud VPS platform to protect the virtualization software running on it. As a result, tasks running on the cloud server will be less prone to failure, and when a problem occurs, the backup cloud system will automatically start and replace the faulty the Virtual Server. It reduces the system downtime (up to 99.99% uptime) and protects data.

The Cloud can be set up, initialized easily, technically complex, and takes very little time to set up. Furthermore, such service of the Cloud can make good use of resources: VMware’s virtualization technology is more stable than other virtualization solutions from other companies in the market because it delivers from 50% to 70% of the virtual machine density on the same host. It is the reason why the VMware can improve the performance of its users on servers from 15% to 80%. Enterprise can run more applications and still use less hardware than other virtualization platforms, hence significantly reducing investment costs and operating costs.

Surely that the popularity of the Cloud server is increasing quickly. Users always believe in its outstanding features, from money saving to other aspects such as security and stability to bring the best effects.


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