Top cloud computing companies in the world

If you have interest and research in the cloud computing, you should take a look at this information, providing you with information on the top cloud computing companies in the world today.

We can see that budget spending in enterprises is an increasingly important task that requires business owners to care at most. As a result, investors and experts are turning to the cloud computing.

It is not unreasonable for users to move drastically to the cloud computing because of the great benefits it offers.



Amazon Web services

Amazon Web service is currently the most powerful IaaS cloud service provider, but now they are competing with the two major technology companies, namely, Microsoft and Google.

It is a set of services that provides programmers with the access to Amazon’s ready-to-use computing infrastructure. Amazon’s robust, built-in PCs are now available to allow anyone with the access to the Internet. Amazon offers a number of Web services, but this series focuses only on basic building blocks, which meet some of the core requirements of most systems. They are storing, calculating, and transmitting messages and data sets.

You can build complex and multifaceted applications by using the layered functions with the reliable, efficient, integrated services provided by Amazon. Web services that exist within the cloud outside of your environment are potentially very high performance. You pay only based on what you use without having to pay the initial costs. You do not need to spend money for the maintenance because the hardware is maintained and served by Amazon.

Microsoft Azure

In this industry, Microsoft Azure is a serious competitor to AWS. With the strengths of analytics, personal archiving and especially disaster recovery such as data recovery, fixes to applications with their extended service packs.

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across the Microsoft Data Center global network.

This provider is well-suited to be available and has a balanced load design and is capable of self-healing when the hardware fails. You can use any language, tool or platform to build applications. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with the built-in IT environment.

Google Drive

Google’s hosting service provides the storage space on the cloud platform which is free up to 15GB. It allows users to store many types of data such as text, video, audio, PDF … on the “cloud” platform.

Google Drive with the advanced Google Docs and Google+ support makes it easy for users to access and edit documents anywhere or share files with friends. Thanks to Google Drive, you can access your documents anywhere and any iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones.


Box is a backup service that stores online data with real-time synchronization capabilities and automatically performs backups that can be free up to 10GB of online storage on their servers. .

In order to distinguish it from other vendors, Box says that the workflow, an automated tool for routing documents and files, and the actions people need to take on them.


VMware specializes in the system development for virtualization. Being one of the top cloud computing companies, it helps users get the most out of their machine by running multiple operating systems parallel.

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